ShieSpa in Shibuya Shotoh

there is a woman dedicated hot spring in middle of TokyoBThe open-air bath in the roof can view night scene 4-5th floor the massage room of the private room bedroom attachment,
There is a eating-house where the woman is kind healthily in 2 F, as for 1 F the lingerie shop and the like lines up and also the staff is everyone kindly in the woman and the eating-house.Especially, the television attachment to all bedsit possible to order the drink by the interphone directly.As for the space the indirect illumination with main,my work has helped making ambient of this room.BIt pierces this in the small-sized edition of hitomie lighting form series which is made the paperlantern type and it invites the light which leaks from the slit of
the board to the world of dream.The pendant lamps In the Japanese food restaurant counter of
the 2nd floor made by the gold and silver foil and the petal of the cherry tree are melted in the Japanese paper and surface lines by Kushibiki.The lamp where shape is different in the same
material feeling the pond where the water of the front entryway flows has illuminated the foot kindly in the side glance.As for the man it is not possible to go in, but we would like you to see even just outside,The woman bodily sensation please does my light in the space of healing

supportedGYamasa factory^form co

Kaze lamp in entrance
material;stainless steel/ FRP
20W100VM@water proof@E-17


Kaze pendant lamp
20W/100V E-17

QF counter bar

SFETF@massage room

Spa light(hitomie lighting form)
material; stainless steel/steel/pine
40W100V E-17