AGEHA butterfly chandelier

poly carbonate
60W/100V E-26 clear bulb

It modifies the outline of the Kujaku lamp series with special order and being something which was processed, adjusting to the taste, it utilizes the advantage where it can produce variously.

Madoromi pendant lamp

100V halogen bulb
The part of shade is glass was bought at the life miscellaneous goods house
by customerand in order to be able to connect with halogen bulb using the attachment. It probably is call renovetion product.

Koborebi partation


When the visitor opens the entryway, the fact that it is visible to the parlour and it infringes private for the resident is fault of the studio apartment Because of that it is trouble such as position of furniture. Especially in regard to large ones such as bed also the arrangement
place is limited inevitably.
Then adjusting to size status, you folded and the filter which is portable free partation of formula you feel
witty.furthermore emergency without reservation it can correspond with the entrance even with visit of the customer.

Asyura table



The top board the plate is arranged in ™Â condition and the tile of the heat resistance which becomes the pot spreading is inserted on the center.Also this tile being something which the request main thing searches at the miscellaneous goods house, size is adjusted.
The foot part opening those which bundle
4 iron flat bar , is designed to be the structure which applied tension.
The material of 3 types collaboration point it has become the design which utilizes the respective texture of the material.
The floor which has been visible in the table inner part - it is something which the lamp is produced with this. The material with FRP finishes the surface in the expression which Kushibiki is done and, even the kind of hallucination where at first glance the china has been transparent it is the lamp which it can point.




The box the shape while being less crowded, to narrow distance has changed the expression of the enclosing space. You supply any which is not the ‚­ which you showed in the box and as for those which we would like to show opening you store to the space not only this furniture becomes completion shape by adding those which the user decorates.