Tokyo bay hilton hotel restrant plaza@THE SQUARE
Enterprise of the foreign country which is obtained in the exhibition of NY it came to the point of working for the first time.Total length of prototype is 900 millimeters, but that there was demand whether it does not designate that as two times and, improvement of structure became necessary.Image of the restaurant and the nature theme to seem name calls the forest garden. Being to be the shape also my own work like the cloud it probably is agreeable to atmosphere.It is delightful to be used for that.

Ice tower

stanless steel/nylon wire

There is an area of the well almost on the center of the restaurant.Originally here when it is the schedule where the fountain is installed it seems, but whether it cannot raise the pendant lamp which urgently is used for the hole with modification that there was order.In order to become independent the object which is 5 meters, you must point to structure securely, but boorish shape appearing, being to be the inside illuminating expression completely it is visible,then to unite also the heartwood itself to funny shape, you thought that it will make consist.

The noon was illuminated in the natural light which inserts from the skylight, the night was finished in object of the strange ice which shines from inside.

supportGart works/solx/Shimizu