Asahi kasei house show room (Hachiohji and Sakurajosui branch)
Those which are displayed in the
form which coordinates the room
even in the furniture house as a showroom are easy to understand
for the consumer.
My work how is produced in the life space, please view by all means

Dining Kitchen

Kurumi (Kujaku lamp)
Material;Warlon plate
60W100Vclear light bulb E-26


Japanese tatami room

Gyoku (Kujaku lamp)
material;twin carbon
40W/100V clear light bulb E-26


Living room

(Kujaku Lamp)

floor lamp
walon plate

40W/100V E-26
xenon bulb


Ichijiku(kujaku lamp)
Material;twin carbon
40W/100Vclear light bulb E-26


Usu (Kujaku lamp)
floor stand
material;warlon plate /steel
xenon bulb

Gouya (Kujaku lamp)
floor stand
material;Warlon plate /steel
xenon bulb


Usu (kujaku lamp)
material;pine poly carbonate
xenon bulb
pendant lamp
automatic up down system