The light that overflows from 40 boards shows the shadow that looks like the water of the waterfall. The flow of gradual air makes a comfortable space that invites you to the dream.

There are three kinds of shape, and three items as for pendant lamp, floor lamp, and the three color (clearand the piercing board) so this product have 27 kinds of variation then it matched to any style. It is suitable for the space with a high ceiling when using it for length as a pendant because it is long shape.



Article designed for dining of peacock lamp series. The light shot from shape like the cloud that floats buoyantly in the air softly encompasses the table.


How about the shine like the jewelry at indoors decorated ? The peculiar form hung from both sides is like the choker. Suitably in gorgeous atmosphere.

we have 2 kinds of lengths 900mm and 1800mm, it is possible to use it from the room to the large-scale restaurant store.


When the robe of feathers is quietly dressed to light, a transparent soul easily moves air. If it is encompassed by the light that gets warm in the temperature, you will become dream feelings like the paradise.

It is an easy shade only of rounding the seat and putting on the code. It is likely not to get tired because it becomes various shape if how to assemble it is changed.



I will give you only one light in the world. It is a shade made up as the workman is with love, and I feel getting warm of the hand as for the light that leaks from the lamp.

you can choice two types (corn ,straight) two kinds of size.



It can be said that the shine of the throne there that is already the world of the
kingdom if the room is decorated with the crown.

It is for the place with moderate space because the size is 900X900X500



 The shine of space is the world made up in the blueprint of love.
Love like the number of stars ..space.. is filled if it takes it into
the room of you such a shine.

you can choice at 2 colors white and brack


There is a comma-shaped bead in three kinds of sacred treasures handed down to the imperial family. It means the secret letter which I loaded with mental energy or it, and it is said Tama (a soul). I write it down with a ball in the Japamese kanji, and the Chinese reads it with GYOKU

SHI-O-RI "magazine ruck"

The magazine rack don't break piling up the magazines. backbone is located in the up side so easy to choice your hope. The panel will be bookmark as hang a half-read page on them.The base shape was slow curb,so that can rocking in right and left.