Exhibition in Tokyo

installation of story fo day light
place;ozon living design gallary Shinjuku park tower

We have an aim to suggest a concept of new light for this exhibition. The thing called the lighting equipment thinks that a thought as the dormer-window of the space infiltrates most consumers, but a role as an element building mind side only as a convenient tool occupies far the relations of a human being and the light. There is Night and Day, and it is recognized and feels a season by the difference of the ratio and feels one year by the repetition and ticks away the life all day long. The bright room makes recognition of the rhythm on 1st vague by fluorescent lamps by the night when there is constant rhythm there and stabilizes a human mental condition. It becomes a theme to have you realize a thing called the role of the original light again by you condense light to change of 1st with a lighting equipment at this exhibition for 7 minutes 21 seconds, and expressing it with music.

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