Maison et Obje Paris
It is an end also of the exhibition of five days safely and the best impression in the exhibition in the current Europe. It was possible to think each hall to be an impression that saw easily probably because of the possession of the organizer of the theme like how etc. to show the hall. The examination seems to have been done according to it. It is clear from the distribution to each hall because there is a participation member in BEDG that supports us from an individual designer to the enterprise, too. BEDG has prepared the interpreter from the thing where the guest who can speak only French exists, too. When it is an other party of a domestic guest, the talk of the mother tongue is still faster and the contract is smoother though it did no t become worrying too much because the majority can speak English. Still, it is a thing that the French has come also to speak English every year. Those who came did not limit to France alone and either it came all over the world without irregularity. The publishing relation has concentrated at the first day. Ther e is no bias from the all days retailer to the distributor, the coordinator, and Manifacchar.
It leaves the Paris
city the hall, and it is a place that may be called in the station airport next to the airport, and Maison is one-place concentrated type in other exhibitions compared with racket to which the party is held in the shop and the gallery in the city. I t cannot have been done to go to see nine o'clock ago when arriving by bus even if it was going to search for the city after time of opening the doors of a day ended long from 9:30 to 7 o'clock, too where. The hall is increasing (It is a hall where choice was done only as for category now design that we this time put out) this time by one hall from next year six halls in all. I hear that a modern class will have been received to a rich class layer in France where traditional furniture is popular though is a different feeling.



This time 5 japanese designers were supported by BEDG & ICFF. That why is a favor on which I have kept acting with them. Mainly it exhibited installation in order to take business from the architect and event owner.
But it possible to order from buyer cause this product is make by one seat pieces not include electrical system as don't make rejection by UL.

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