Aug Tendace Lifestyle Furankfurt

t succeeded in previous ICFF and it displayed the Kujaku lamp series which is merchandised.The table lamp and the floor lamp was added with the notion , the pendant where ceiling construction becomes necessary it is something to the general user purchasing, it can utilize world nations anywhere using only the simple transformer. As for the Frankfurt fair it is the largest business market even in Europe, but mezon de obje in Paris was piled up at same time so most cutomers in Tendance were domestic people. There was several bright story that I had diccuss with some distributer who does at the European every place. Also restart the contract with the british manufacture.

ICFF New York

This time it possible to wholesale depend on japanese maker that very strike for this fair because ICFF customer are retail mainly. but generally retailer in this country are hope to import with distributor so it's difficult to sail direct to them.
I could get contract to consignment sale with Felissimo which will be starting new line as designer brand as high price and quality on June. Before I sold with CFD as like this way in california, it was sold very few. I'm not show how is the NY marketing but hope to well.

10 west 56st NYC 10019@tel:212-956-4438
You can buy my product (kujaku lamp:usu kagerou/pendant,floor lamp,table lamp)at this shop so contact them.


Stockholm Furniture Fair

entrance main gate
green house v hall in Messe

my stand: the items had shown first time for international fair. many visitor interested these, also some manufacturing company contact me to make product.Even in Europe north European one becomes the new exhibition. After all the impression that is strong the designers of European one are serious. Only thing of the enterprise receiving thinking, is not funny with only the work of according to the textbook, even among such the UK design industry because the motion where the design which emphasizes personality is liked is done can look at funny ones mainly, but in the country whose history of furniture such as Italy and Scandinavia is long it can discover such part, rather than saying that shape is funny, the design such as the shape which the manufacturer is easy to make does well and with it seems that is done, certainly that at one of concept of design is certain, but, the fact that being proud to that letting do to the enterprise designer, does not mean there is no necessity for the free designer It is necessary to keep groping the concept of the design where is new future.

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