Isamu Tokizono
Born 7th November in Tokyo
Awarded the Salon de plantain prize
from Tokyo Art Unv
live in London
Exhibit at Ambiente 2000 Frankfurt
Exhibit at ICFF2000 New York
Exhibit at 100%Design London
Exhibit at ICFF2001 New York
Exhibit at 100%Design London
Exhibit at ICFF2002 New York
Exhibit at 100%Design London
Exhibit at Tokyo Designers Block
Exhibit at Milano Salone Satellite
Exhibit at 100%Design London
Exhibit at Green House Sweden
Exhibit at ICFF2004 New York
Exhibit at IFFT Tokyo
Exhibit at ICFF2005 New York
Exhibit at Life style Frank furt
Exhibit at IFFT Tokyo
Exhibit at ICFF New York
Exhibit at Maison et Obje Paris
Exhibit at OZONE Living Design Gallery
EXhibit at ICFF NY

Exhibit at Danizen Gallery LA
Event at The Prince Park tower Tokyo sweat room
Show Case in OZONE "Tsunagu Design"
Exhibit at GINZA HANDS Reading Furniture vol.2


light Planning


public space/architecture/housing

Designing a gentle space to the mind

As for supporting person's body, the total balance of all the felt matters is important from senses in not only the medicine but also usual life. We as for men who are a parts in nature, the one to compose the world is influenced each other and consists. It is thought that it is possible to become one good medicine that shape and the air that pursues only convenience and develops that we make can be able to spend the mind of everybody healthily for the current industry from all angles.

Item where it lives healthily on the earth
The rhythm where light periodic the sun and the moon is made, water and the atmosphere make the circulation of the color and the temperature, of each mixes, and the animal lives is generated. If the element is not considered when the one located closely to life is designed, a healthy item cannot be made.
Only such an element is extracted and the body clock will begin to turn correctly round the space that nature on the original earth unfolded while making light, the sound, and heat Coraborated by the thing built in.
Antiageng is designed here new.